Books and Articles

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Books and Articles

The Kingston Historical Society is pleased to present the following publications.  To purchase, email  Selected titles are also available at Novel Idea in Kingston.

  • Margaret Angus Paper by Sarah Morgan 
  • Favourite Son? John A. Macdonald and the Voters of Kingston 1841-1891 by Ged Martin
  • A Troublesome Berth: The Journal of First Lieutenant Charles Allan Parker, Royal Marines: The Canada Years 1838-1840 edited by Robert J. Andrews & Rosalyn Parker Art
  • Illustrated Guide to Monuments, Memorials & Markers in the Kingston area
  • The City of Kingston Portrait Collection - Historical Sketches & Portrait Views by Marjorie Simmons
  • Kingston Volunteers: The Thing to Do by Peter Gower
  • Williamsville Revisited: An Illustrated History of "Williamsville" at Kingston, Ontario by the Williamsville Book Committee (available at Novel Idea only)
  • Sideshow or Main Event: Putting the War of 1812 into Regional Contexts (conference proceedings) Various authors.