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Volume 63 has been mailed to all 2014 members. Volumes 64 and 65 will be ready in the fall of 2017.

Editors of Historic Kingston

Richard Preston, Vol. 4, 1955
George Stanley, Vol. 5, 1956 – Vol. 7, 1958
H. Pearson Gundy, Vol. 8, 1957 – Vol. 23, 1975
William Angus, Vol. 24, 1976 – Vol. 34, 1986
Donald A. Redmond, Vol. 35, 1987 – Vol. 47, 1999
Brian Osborne, Vol. 48, 2000
Jane Errington and Brian Osborne, Vol. 49, 2001 – Vol. 50, 2002
Jane Errington, Vol. 51, 2003 - Vol. 53, 2005
Jane Errington and Brian Osborne, Vol. 54, 2006
Paul Banfield, Vol. 55, 2007
Hazel Fotheringham, Vol. 59, 2011 - Vol. 61, 2013
Duncan McDowell, Vol. 62, 2014
Marcus Letourneau, Vol. 63, 2015 -​

VOL. 62           2014  
  Cover Images: ship painting (detail) by Peter Rindlisbacher; the Macdonald locket, coll. Library &  
  Archives Canada
  • Face to Face - the Sculpting of John A. Macdonald by Ruth Abernethy
  • God Save the King?: The Evolution of Loyalty In the Limestone City, I8l9-1841 by Stephen Smith
  • Madeleine de Roybon D'Allone: A Female Protagonist in the Founding of Cataraqui? by Julie Caton
  • From "contemptible little guard" to "Ontario's Own": The History of the Fort Henry Guard, 1938 to 2013 by Steve Mecredy
  • Murney Tower and its Role in the Defence of Kingston: A Synopsis by Bob Garcia
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Graveside Memorial Service Address by Arthur Milnes
  • "Great Conveniences for Smuggling": The Carleton Island Raid, August 1821, and International Relations in the Wake of The War of 1812 by Walter Lewis
  • The Macdonald Locket: Love, Death and Domesticity In Upper Canada by Julia McArthur
  • They Walked to Work: The Captains lrwin, their Times and Neighbours at Kingston's Inner Harbour by Donna Ivey

  VOL. 61           2013
  Cover Images: Bruce Carruthers c1879, Harriet & Charles Kelly, industrial scene by Nan Yeomans in 1950
  • Sir John A. and the Heritage of Kingston by Peter Milliken
  • Major Bruce Carruthers: Father of Canadian Military Communications by David McCarey
  • British Home Children: A Canadian, Communal and Personal Story by John Fielding
  • The Geology of the Kingston Area by Mark Badham
  • "How did we get to Aberdeen Street?" Town and Gown Relations between Queen’s and Kingston, 1960s to l980s by Duncan McDowall
  • John A. Macdonald, the Bay of Quinte and Prince Edward County 1824-1835 by David Warrick
  • "Fair Fugitive": The Life and Legacy of Harriet Powel by Joanne Stanbridge
  • Mud, Mire and Inconvenience: Walking in Nineteenth-Century Kingston by Georgia Carley
  • When Coal Was King: The Nineteenth Century Kingston Water Works by Henk Wevers
  VOL. 60          2012
  Cover Image: Parish House, 1822, architect William Fraser (now the main branch of the Kingston Public
   Library, Bagot and Johnson Streets).  Photo and drawing by J. McKendry.  Postcard from J. McKendry
  • “Treat Them as a Nation” Sir John A. & the French Fact in Canada by Graham Fraser
  • Kingston’s Wartime Shipbuilding Industry, 1939–1945: An Update by James Pritchard
  • The Heritage Quilt Collection by Alicia Boutilier
  • Unravelling the Histories of the Sir John Johnson House & the Parish House by Jennifer McKendry
  • The Many Lives of James Douglas, 1837 – 1918 by Herwart H. Helmstaedt
  • The End of Sir John A. Macdonald as a Symbol of Canada by Yves Y. Pelletier
  • The Story behind the Constantine Collection by Peter C. Ginn & Elizabeth Ginn Fyon
  • An Album of Images from the Constantine Collection by Alicia Boutilier
  • Municipal Mantras, Myths & Musings by C. Richard Tindal
  • The Kingston -- Cairo Connection: Adventures in Egypt by Mark Trumpour

VOLUME 59   2011
Cover Image: Carl F. Schaefer.  View of Kingston Penitentiary, Portsmouth, 1948.  Oil tempera on panel (Agnes Etherington Art Centre)
Sir John A.'s Women by Charlotte Gray
Reflections on René-Hippolyte Laforce and the British Campaign of 1759 by David More
Work Hard, Play Hard: The Making of a Nurse in Kingston, 1890-1970 by Paul Robertson
The War of 1812: A Wolfe Island Perspective by Barbara Wall-LaRocque
Portraits, Prizes and History by Julian Brown
John A. Macdonald & Naval Defence by William Glover
The Naval Monument in Navy Memorial Park by Hugh Segal
The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund: What Makes a Community by Brian S. Osborne
A Happy Partnership: The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre by Dorothy M. Farr
1760 The Forgotten Year by Robert J. Andrews
Ready, Aye, Ready - At Last! The History of the HMCS Cataraqui by Chris Varley
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VOLUME 58   2010
Cover Image: Kingston from City Hall 1869-1874
Sir John A.'s Lessons for the Liberal Party of Canada by Thomas S. Axworthy
History of the RCHA 1855 to 1938 by Mike Boese
"Agreeably surprised and more than pleased": The Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, the Hotel Dieu Hospital, and Regiopolis College by Rodney G.S. Carter
The St Lawrence Seaway: 50 Years and Counting by D'Arcy Jenish
George Lilley's Photographs and the Public Life of Water in Kingston by Jamie Linton
John A. Macdonald and Kingston Voters by Ged Martin
Why Wolfe Island Is in Canada by D'Arcy Jenish
Energy, Shrewdness and Integrity": Robert Drummond in Kingston, 1828 - 1834 by Bruce Cossar
Early Images of Kingston and Area from Local Archives by Paul Banfield, Rodney G.S. Carter, Jeremy Heil, Danielle Hughes and Shelley Respondek
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VOLUME 57   2009
Cover images: Beth Israel Synagogue, old (built 1910) and new (built 1961), and R.D. Cartwright House from Gore St.
John A.: The Man Who Made Us by Richard Gwyn
Robert Barrie and the Construction of the "Stone Frigate," Kingston, Ontario: "But sailor I am bound for all weathers and what must be must" by Maurice D. Smith
The Origins of Beth Israel, Kingston's First Synagogue by Gordon Dueck
A Heritage Conservation District for Sydenham Ward by Carl Bray
Lord Stanley and Sir John A. Macdonald: A Long and Dear Friendship by John Jason Wilson & Kevin Shea
What Would Sir John Do? by Roy MacSkimming
A History of Ongwanada in Kingston and Region: Driven by a Dream by John Pereira & Lisa Holmes
The Art Collecting Society of Kingston by Janet M. Brooke
Princess Street and the Automobile: 50 Years of Service by John Olson
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VOLUME 56   2008
Cover images: views of the John A. Macdonald Family Enclosure, Cataraqui Cemetery in 1994 and in c1894 (stereo card by Strohmeyer & Wyman of New York)
John A’s Nose by H.V. Nelles
A Glimpse into the Journal of First Lieutenant Charles Allan Parker by Robert J. Andrews
Looking into Kingston, Framing the “Seen/Scene,”. Focussing the Gaze: Some Reflections on the Kingston Portrait Collection by Brian S. Osborne
Lifting Time’s Veil: The Conservation of City Hall’s Portraits by Amanda Gray
Student Memories of Queen’s in the 1880s by Bruce Cossar
"We women found we could run a country": Kingston’s Factory Women at War, 1939-1945 by Geraint B. Osborne
"Beneath the green and flowery sod, beneath the waiving and weeping foliage": Sir John A. Macdonald & Cataraqui Cemetery by Jennifer McKendry
"An artist after all": Daniel Fowler in Canada by Dorothy M. Farr
Kingston as an Industrial Capital: A Case Study of the Morton’s Brewery & Maltings by Gillian and Tony Barlow
The Case of Henry Traill by David St. Onge
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VOLUME 55   2007
Cover images: postcards of Market Square, Kingston, in the early 20th century, and speakers in 2006 (Mark Raymond, Bill Dalton & John Berry; Keith Johnson; Heather Home; John Abbott; Patricia Phenix; Sue Bazely; Maurice Smith; Paul Banfield; Desmond Morton; Donna Ivey; and Sean Conway)
Sir John A. Macdonald and Defence: A Few Unfamiliar Thoughts by Desmond Morton
Kingston Shipyards: an Overview History by Maurice D. Smith
John A. Macdonald's Forgotten Uncle: James Shaw, the Clark Sisters, and the Georgia Connection by J. Keith Johnson
Who Cares What's Under Market Square? The Archaeological Process in Ontario and Why We Dug Up Kingston's Market Place by Susan M. Bazely
Mackenzie King's Macdonald by Sean Conway
At The Core of the Matter: A Panel Discussion on the Future of Kingston's Downtown Development by John Abbott
"If You Don't Succeed..." The First Faculty of Law at the University of Queen's College, Kingston by Paul Banfield
Private Demons: The Tragic Personal Life of John A. Macdonald by Patricia Phenix (reviewed by Brian S. Osbome)
The Unfinished Curriculum Vitae of R.C. Wallace, Principal of Queen's University by Donna M. Ivey

NOTE: An INDEX for Volumes 45 - 54, Years 1997-2006, compiled by Donna M. Ivey is available (see the Order Page).

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VOLUME 54   2006
Ambition and Loyalty: The Making of John A. Macdonald and Confederation by Rudyard Griffiths
The Wolfe Island Ferry Service by Brian P. Johnson
The Kingston Whig Standard at the Turn of the 21st Century: A Personal History by Steve Lukits
The Lest We Forget Project: The Case of Lieutenant John PErcival Pringle by Blake Seward and Kaitlin McNamara
The Old 'New' Medical Building, Queen's University: Pat and Present Use of Kathleen Ryan Hall by Gillian Barlow and Heather Home
"You'll Never Die, Sir John!" by Herb Gray
The Pre-Contact Occupation of the Kingston Area: An Archaeological Consultant's View by Nick Adams
Major James M. Walsh of the North West Mounted Police and a Friend of Sitting Bull by Brian Porter
Alcan and Kingston: Challenges and Responses by Martin R. Reeve and Eric VanDalen
Landscape Representation and the Amateur Artist: A Kingston Case Study by Kamille T.H. Parkinson
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VOLUME 53   2005
Cover image: artwork by T.C. Cummings (1904-1996)
Kingston Historical Society Members and Patrons 2004
Sir John A. Macdonald Commemorative Dinner, by Peter MacKay, MP.
Underwater Archaeology along the Rideau Canal, by Jonathan Moore
"We’ll Hand Down His Name in History and Song": A Report on the Grand Concert Celebrating the 110th Anniversary of the Kingston Historical Society. by Donna M. Ivey
The Calvin Company: Fleets in Transition, by Maurice D. Smith
‘Cast in Bronze’: Commemorating Sir John A. Macdonald, by Christina Cameron
The British Soldier on Carleton Island: an Archaeological Perspective, by Douglas J. Pippin
Thomas Clarence Cummings, 1904-1996: “T.C.’s” Kingston-Pittsburgh-North Bay Connection, by Brian S. Osborne and Douglas Petty
Lost Villages, Found Communities: a Pictorial History of the Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence River, by Anne-Marie L. Shields
Henry Edward Manning Douglas, V. C.: Chapters from His Life at Queen‘s University, by Craig Leslie Mantle
A Tale of Two Heroes and Two Cities: the Short-Wallick Monument, by Jason F. Kovacs and Brian S. Osborne
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VOLUME 52   2004
Cover: photograph of Tom McLeod standing beside a cairn erected by the crew of the Quest
Members, patrons and officers of KHS in 2003
What Can Non-Partisans and Partisans Learn from Sir John A. Macdonald’s Career? by Hugh Segal
John Bradstreet’s Raid: An Account of the Expedition Mounted Against Fort Frontenac in August-September 1758, by Robert J. Andrews
Sir John A. Macdonald and the 110-112 Rideau Street House Connection, by Donna M. Ivey
In the Camera’s Eye: People and Places in Kingston, by Jennifer McKendry
William Folger Nickle: Kingston’s Forgotten Statesman, by Christopher McCreery
Sir John A. Macdonald and the Cultural Life of the New Dominion, by Ian E. Wilson
Thomas MacLeod: “Iceman to his Fingertips” by Harvey Medland
Grant Allen, George Romanes, Stephen Jay Gould and the Evolution Establishments of Their Times... And Who Was the Kingston Lady? By Donald R. Forsdyke
In Fear of the Barbed Wire Fence: Canada’s First National Internment Operations and the Ukrainian Canadians, 1919-1920, by Lubomyr Luciuk
A Matter of Time: Five Centuries at Fort Frontenac, by Susan Bazley
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VOLUME 51   2003
Cover: Drawing by architect Joseph Power for the 1883 expansion of the Congregationalist Church, Kingston (The Power Collection, NAC)
Kingston Historical Society Members in 2002
187th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir John A. Macdonald, by Flora MacDonald
Another Look at the Fate of Kingston Warships, by Jonathan Moore
The Historical Carvings in the Memorial Chamber, The Peace Tower, Parliament Buildings Ottawa: The Kingston Connection, by Isobel Trumpour
Historic Sentinel: “The Town Watchman,” George Henry Williamson 1876-1938, by William Fitsell
Robertson Davies and Kingston, by Beatrice Corbett
First Congregationalist Church (Masonic Hall): “A Remarkable Gothic Church,” by Jennifer McKendry
The Legacy of Agnes Etherington, by Pat Sullivan
Sir John A. Macdonald and the National Parks, by Peter Trueman
Structuring a Family History, by Peter Ackroyd
Researching Women’s Roles in a Kingston Area Family, by Judy Harvie
Earnscliffe History, by Sarah Burns
Three Men of Kingston, by Arthur Milnes
No. I Armoured Train: Kingston’s Connection, and the Pacific Coast Defence in WWII, by Louis E. Grimshaw
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VOLUME 50   2002
Cover: Major-General Charles Francis Constantine (1883-1953)
Historic Kingston: a Fifty-Year Retrospective, by Stewart Renfrew
John A. Macdonald and Aboriginal Canada, by Donald B. Smith
Cottage Life in the Thousand Islands, by Susan W. Smith
The Restoration of the Historic Steam Launch Phoebe, Henk Wevers, P.Eng.
Sir John A. Macdonald: A View from Earnscliffe, by Sir Andrew Burns, KCMG
Major-General Charles Francis Constantine, CB, DSO: the General and the Athlete, by Wallace Breck, J.W. (Bill) Fitsell, and Brian S. Osborne
The North- West Rebellion of 1885: A View from Kingston, by Patsy Fleming
Surviving for 130 Years in a Male-Dominated Prison: Women in Kingston Penitentiary, 1835-1965 by William J. Patterson
Writing about George Johnson: Second Son of Molly Brant, by Maureen McCallum Garvie
Currie Hall, by J.G. Pike and R. Mackenzie
Members of the Kingston Historical Society in 2001
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VOLUME 49   2001
Cover: detail from Calvin Park Public School mural, “The First People”
In Search of History and Place Along the Cataraqui Trail, by George Dillon
Kingston’s Newest Historical Artifact, The Dry Dock, by James Pritchard
History beneath Our Feet: Exploring Kingston Archaeological Past, by Susan M. Basely
Five Easy Pieces: Views of the Murney Tower at Kingston, by Joe Last
Glasswork, by Mark Thompson
Cataraqui Cemetery: A Summer of Commemoration
Celebrating Cataraqui Cemetery, by H.H. Binhammer
Sir John A. Macdonald: The Kingston Connection, by Helen Cooper
The 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Cataraqui Cemetery, by Flora MacDonald
History Boring? No Way! by Carol White
Their Place in the Church: Pew Renting at St. George 1794-1825, by Carmen Nielson Varty
New Roots in Cataraqui Twp No. 2: A Decision for Loyalists, by Barbara Snyder
Canada Oldest Architectural Practice... We Think? by Jason-Emery Groen
Members of the Kingston Historical Society in 2000
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VOLUME 48   2000
Cover: A detail from Augustus Kruger’s The Penitentiary Guard c1871, Corrections Canada
Members of the Kingston Historical Society in 1999
Amherst’s Forgotten Campaign: The Assault on Montreal from the West, 1760, by Ian G. MacDonald
A Photo Album of Kingston in the 1930s: A Former Waterfront, by Gordon D. Smithson
The Penitentiary Guard: Restoring a Painting, Discovering an Artist, by David St. Onge and Amanda Gray
Uniting and Dividing: Church Union in Kingston, 1925, by Reverend Bruce Cossar
The Kingston Market Square, by Marc Raymond
Memorializing Sir John A. Macdonald, by The Honourable Andy Mitchell
Kingston‘s Ice Storm of 1998, by Stewart Fyfe
The Place and Street Names of Kingston, Toronto, Belleville, Perth, and Sharbot Lake, by Michael Dawber
A History of the Canadian Locomotive Companies: 1850-1969, by Donald R. McQueen and William D. Thomson
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VOLUME 47    1999
Cover: Baptiste, a First Nations pilot who took the big steamers down the Lachine Rapids. (NAC PA-179741).
Kingston Historical Society, Selected Categories for 1998
From Palace Steamer to Dive Site: The Story of the Steamer Kingston ,by Rick Neilson and Walter Lewis
Sir John A. Macdonald’s National Dream, by Hugh D. Segal
Murney Tower Museum, 2 March 1994, Kingston Daily News
A Tribute to Major ER. Friel CD (1919-1998), by Sarah Gibson-Bray
The LaSalle Causeway, by Jonathan Moore
Rediscovering Kente, by Dr. Paul F. Germain
The Coal Merchants of Kingston, by Gordon D. Smithson
Portsmouth Shipyards in 1869, by James Warren
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VOLUME 46   1998
Cover: early bottles from Kingston
Kingston Bottlers (description of bottles on front cover)
Members of the Kingston Historical Society in 1997
Music in the Park, 12 June 1857
Fort Haldimand’s Community on Carleton Island, by Sarah K. Gibson
Kingston General Hospital: A National Treasure, by James A. Low
The October Crisis: Influenza in Kingston, 1918 by James De Jonge
Kingston Historical Society Executive and Council in 1997
The Brothers Islands, by W. Stewart Renfrew
Sir John A. Macdonald: The Person, by Isabel Turner
Place Names of Lennox and Addington County, by Michael Dawber
Kingston Penitentiary Historic Sites Plaque Ceremony on April 30, 1997: The Historical Background of Kingston Penitentiary, by Jim Blackler
K.P. and Capital Punishment: An Afterthought, by David St. Onge
Scandal in the Limestone City: The Downfall of Orangeman William Shannon, by Jennifer Payne
Sir John’s Welcome to Kingston — A Song for the Times! from the Kingston Daily News 26 April 1878
Kingston — Town and City, 1846, by Stewart Fyfe
George Mink, a Black Businessman in Early Kingston, by Rick Neilson
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VOLUME 45   1997
Cover: Bust of Molly Brant (Konwatsiitsiaiéñni), by John Boxtel, 1996, located at Rideaucrest Home, Kingston
Kingston Historical Society in 1996: Patrons, Executive and Council
Speech of Donald Maracle, Chief, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, for the Molly Brant Commemoration held Sunday, 25 August 1996
Molly Brant: Koñwatsi’tsiaiéñni: Who Was She, Really? by Susan M. Bazely
Koñwatsi’tsiaiéñni, a prayer, by Ernie Benedict
A Soldier, a Singer, and a Shadowgraph: The Arrival of X-rays in Kingston, by Charles Hayter
Mary Margaret Theodora Macdonald, 1869-1 933, by Margaret M. Cohoe
Mary Macdonald’s Handicap, by D.S. Alexander, M.B., F.R.C.P.(C)
Outside the Walls: The Story of Quarrying and Farming at Kingston Penitentiary, by William J. Patterson
Milestones of the Old Kingston-Napanee Road
The Growth of Music in Kingston, by John Hall
Beyond the Limits: St. James’ Church, Kingston (founded 1843), by David Lyon
Sir John A. Macdonald. Father of a City: Builder of a Nation, by His Worship Mayor Gary Bennett
The Careers of Lt. Gen. Sir Archibald Cameron Macdonell, by Wallace C. Breck

NOTE: Volumes 1 to 44 have been fully indexed in a series of booklets, some of which are still in print (see Order Page).

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Volume 44   1996
Cover: zinc statue c1889 of Autumn at Cataraqui Cemetery, photo by Dr. Jennifer McKendry
Kingston Historical Society 1995: Patrons, Executive and Council
The Role of Cataraqui Cemetery in the Rural Cemetery Movement, by Jennifer McKendry
Val Swain: a Champion of Heritage, by Margaret Angus
My Neighbours’ Keeper, by David R. Taylor
A Day Long Ago at the Kingston Penitentiary, by Peter H. Hennessy
Sir John A. Macdonald: the Canadian Version of a National Hero, by H. Blair Neatby
From Humble Beginnings: the History of the Chez Piggy Restaurant Building, by Earl Moorhead
A First at the Fort: Archaeology at Point Henry, by Susan Bazely
The Italians of Kingston and Area: Personal Reminiscences, by Phil Quattrocchi
From Cataraqui to Canonto: Place Names of Frontenac County, by Michael Dawber
Kingston Swings, by Don McCallum
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Cover: drawing of 1915 of a Canadian soldier at Ypres, basis of a stained-glass window of 1921 in City Hall
Kingston Historical Society: Patrons, Executive, Membership
Kingston's Memorial Hall, by Margaret M. Cohoe
Kingston: Gate to the North West Mounted Police, by Wallace G. Breck
Across the Cataraqui River: A History of the Penny Bridge, by John H. Grenville
More Than a Drop in the Bucket: Public Attitudes arid the Development of Water Service in Kingston, Ontario, 1842-1894, by Colleen MacNaughton
Lead Processing in the Kingston Area: Some Historical Aspects and Ecological Consequences, by G.K. Rutherford
Sir John A. Macdonald and Queen's University, by Dr. Agnes M. Benidickson
Kingston, Bedford. Grape Island, Alnwick: The Odyssey of the Kingston Mississauga, by Brian S. Osborne and Michael Ripmeester
The Maple Leaf: Kingston's Connection to the American Civil War, by Evelyn Bishop and Robert Villebrun
The Leinster Plate, by J. Ross Mckenzie and John G. Pike
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VOLUME 42   1994
Cover: Front elevation of St Mark’s Church, Barriefield, 1843, by Alfred Brunel, Architect. (Diocese of Ontario Archives)
Kingston Historical Society: Patrons, Executive, Honorary and Life Membership
Courage, Faith and Love: the History of St. Mark’s Church, Barriefield, by William J. Patterson
“Thank God and Take Courage”: The Semi-Centennial Celebration of Queen’s College at Kingston, December 1889, by Paul Banfield
An Early History of Paediatrics in Kingston and at Queen’s University, by D.S. Alexander
Scottish Settlers, by Patricia Fleming
John A. Macdonald: House of Commons Man, by Sidney F. Wise
Macdonald Plaque Unveiling—6 June 1993, Cataraqui Cemetery, by John Grenville
Using the “Talking Machine”: Telephone Diffusion in Kingston, 1876-1911, by Robert M. Pike
“This Woman’s Work”: Class, Morality, and Economic Necessity in Turn-of-the-Century Kingston, by Sharon Rudy
The Founding of the Kingston Historical Society, November 1893: a Re-Enactment, by Donald A. Redmond
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VOLUME 41    1993
Cover: The Fort Frontenac gateway (Archives of Ontario).
Kingston Historical Society: Patrons, Executive, Honorary and Life Membership
Does Kingston need Another Museum? by James Warren
A Hectic Decade at Fort Frontenac 1680-1690, by Wallace C. Breck
Fort Frontenac: Over Three Centuries of Service, by Louis E. Grimshaw
An Aviation Artist Looks at the History of Aviation in Kingston, by Don Connelly
The Portuguese Community of Kingston, by Marion E. Meyer
George Grant’s Red Shirts, by W.G. Richardson
Kingston’s Own Regiment: A Capsule History, by Michael E. Shultz
Sir John A. Macdonald in History, by Ian E. Wilson
Kingston Day by Day—1893 (selected items from the Daily British Whig, Kingston)
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VOLUME 40    1992
Cover: Early photograph of 5 members of the Kingston Police Force
How to Illuminate History, by James Warren
An Address on the 100th Anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald’s Death, At Cataraqui Cemetery, 6 June 1991, by The Right Hon. Brian Mulroney
Address at the Dinner in Honour of Sir John A. Macdonald, 6 June1991, by The Hon. Mr. Justice John R. Matheson
Alwington House, by Dr. Margaret Angus
A Bicentennial Look at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, by Ronald A. Ede
The Earliest Surveys in Frontenac County, by M. Peter Allen
The Hanleys of Kingston, by Gordon D. Smithson
150 Years of Service: The Kingston Police Force, by Earl C. McCullough
In Memoriam: Kingston Mourns Sir John A. Macdonald, by John Grenville
Kingston Historical Society Members in 1991
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VOLUME 39    1991    OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Tressa Kish and May Ely posing in Cataraqui Cemetery c1915 (Priv. Coll.)
The History of Frontenac Provincial Park: Big Salmon Lake Road, by Terry Fuchs and Christian Barger
Sir John A. Macdonald and the Idea of Canada, by Kenneth McNaught
A Closer Look at the Fairfield Family and Their Homestead, by Barbara Snyder
Historical Notes and Forgotten Views of Cataraqui Village, by Gordon D. Smithson
The Art and Mystery of Brewing in Kingston, by Ian Bowering
The Echo Lake Accident, 1913: Italian Railway Workers Memorial at Chippewa Cemetery
One Hundred Years of Piano Making in Kingston, by John Hall
Warren A. Marrison: Father of the Quartz Revolution, by William R. Topham
A Short History of the Recreational Steam Launch, by David Wanklyn
Mackenzie King and Queen’s University, 1893-1 950, by George F. Henderson
Canadian Forces Base Kingston Today, by Col. Donald Banks
Kingston Yacht Club Memories, by Kathy Waugh
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VOLUME 38    1990    OUT OF PRINT
Cover: a snapshot from the history of the Bay of Quinte fisheries (Priv. Coll.)
Urban Planning and Cultural Resource Management: the Kingston Archaeological Master Plan, by W. Bruce Stewart
“Woman ... Is a Very Interesting Creature”: Some Women’s Experiences in Early Upper Canada, by Dr. Jane Errington
Thomas Kirkpatrick, by Margaret Angus
John A. Macdonald—the Family Man, by Margaret M. Cohoe
The Jewish Presence in Kingston, Ontario, 1842 to 1988, by Marion E. Meyer
A.R.M. Lower: the Kingston Years, by George F. Henderson
Organizing the Lake Fisheries: Landscapes and Waterscapes, by Brian S. Osborne
James Richardson: Founder of the Firm, by Donald Swainson
Conspiracy or Incompetence? the 1932 Kingston Penitentiary Riot, by Mark Mihorean
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Vol. 37   1989   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: The Fort Henry Guard as guard of honour at the graveside of Sir John A. Macdonald on 6 June 1988 (Kingston Whig-Standard)
Proclamation of the Sesquicentennial of the Incorporation of the Town of Kingston, 1838
Sir John A. Macdonald and the United States, by Richard A. Preston
John A’s Daughter and the Faithful Coward, by Margaret Cohoe
The Le Moynes: Longueuil, Kingston and Wolfe Island, by Wallace C. Breck
Sherlock Holmes and the Kingston Connection, by Donald A. Redmond
The Fort Nobody Wanted: The Restoration of Fort Henry 50Years Ago - 1936 to 1938, by Stephen D. Mecredy
Sacket’s Harbor to Vimy Ridge: Queen’s Military Men, by A.A. Travill
“Those Trivial Annoyances to be Endured”: Kingston to Toronto in a Stagecoach, by Mark Mihorean
Kingston’s Incorporation as a Town, 1838, by Anne MacDermaid
Molly Brant, by Earle Thomas
Ansley Ancestors, by Naneen Yeomans
Fort Frontenac in 1688-1689, by Wallace C. Breck
Kingston Historical Society Executive and Council 1988
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VOLUME 36   1988    OUT OF PRINT
Cover: The King’s Royal Rangers of New York, during the dedication of a plaque to the Regiment, Kingston, 30 May 1987 (the Whig-Standard, Kingston).
A.R.M. Lower 1887-1988, a tribute by Donald Swainson
The King’s Royal Rangers of New York: Dedication of a Plaque, May 30, 1987
Kingston Methodists and Baptists and the Great Religious Revival of 1852 and 1853, by C.A. Rawlyk
Historical Maps of Fort Frontenac 1673 -1820, by Susan Bazely
John A. Macdonald the Young Lawyer, by H.R S. Ryan
$ Bill, the Anatomy of a Legend in Our Time, by Wallace C. Breck
At Home Days: the Status of Women in Kingston Before World War One, by Margaret Angus
Kingston Historical Society’s Honorary Patrons and Executive in 1987
Photo Feature: Towers and Turrets, by H. Morris Love
Kingston’s Reaction to the Rebellion of Upper Canada: Bonnycastle and the Role of the Militia, by John H. Grenville
“Not to be Opened Till on the Lake”, by E. Margaret A. Sutcliffe
An Historical and Archaeological Examination of the Bajus Brewery Property, Kingston, by Nick Adams
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VOLUME 35    1987
Cover: Fort Frontenac, composite map made by Susan Bazely, Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation, 1984.
Hotel Dieu of Kingston: Past, Present and Future, by Sister Mary Coderre, RHSJ
A Tribute—“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men”, by Dr. A.A. Travill
Kingston’s Bible Societies, 1820-1875: Attitudes and Values in the Evolving Community, by Anthony Jackson
The University of the Scotch Church, by Dr. A.W. Currie
A Model of Fort Frontenac (1738), by Wallace C. Breck
Kingston Historical Society in 1986: Patrons and Executive
A Victorian Canadian in Africa, by Nigel Fitzpatrick
Handmade Textiles in Upper Canada, by Jane B. Lefebure
Murney Point: its Evolution Within a Civilian/Military Dialectic, by Earl Moorhead
Quarters for the Commandant, Royal Military College, 1875-1900, by Dr. Margaret Angus
Nineteenth-Century Churches in Ontario: A Study in the Meaning of Style, by Malcolm Thurlby
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Vol. 34   1986   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: George A. Meagher of Toronto, an expert ice skater
The Rinks and Rinkists of Kingston, J.W. (Bill) Fitsell
Michael Grass: A Loyalist Founder of Kingston, 1783-1784, by Larry Turner
The Illness of the first Mrs. John A. Macdonald, by James McSherry, MB ChB
Fort Henry during the Second World War, by George Henderson
A Brass Plaque in Memory of Major Charles Joseph Short, by J.W. (Bill) Fitsell
A Recollection, by Sarah Gibson and Karyn Patterson
Transitions in Policing in Kingston 1816-1842, by Douglas Fyfe
Queen’s College on William Street, by Margaret Angus
The Kingston Observatory, by V.A. Hughes
Why Kingston Did Not Become a Major Industrial Centre, by Neil A. Patterson
In Memoriam: James Alexander Corry, 1899-1985
The Function of the Historical Society, by Courtland Strange, published 14 March 1957, in the Kingston Whig Standard
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Vol. 33   1985
Cover: Portrait of Sir John Johnson, “Colonel of Indians” (New York State Library)
Crisis Confronting Construction: the History of Point Henry During the War of 1812, by Stephen D. Mecredy
The Honourable Richard Cartwright 1759-1815, by George A. Rawlyk
Kingston Mechanics’ Institute to Free Public Library, by Margaret Cohoe
Sir John Johnson and Kingston, by Earle Thomas
A Tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald, by Sarah Gibson and Karyn Patterson
Molson Brewery in Kingston, by Neil A. Patterson
The Meagher Family and House, by J.W. (Bill) Fitsell
Kingston Mills, by Anne MacDermaid
Commemoration of 1st Cadastral Survey in what is now Ontario, by George Richardson
Bell Rock Mill, by George Richardson
Loyalist Buildings in Kingston, by Margaret Angus
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Vol. 32   1984
Cover: W.F. Nickle
A Nickle for Change—The Political Career of W.F. Nickle, 1906-1926, by Leslie H. Morley
The Radcliffs of Amherst Island: the Vicissitudes of an Anglo Irish Gentry Family during the 1840s, by John D. Blackwell
British American Kingstonians and the War of 1812, by Jane Errington
Eleven Years of Dissension: the Conservative Party in Kingston, 1867 to 1878, by W. Michael Wilson
The Sir John A. Macdonald In Memoriam Service on 6 June 1983: Order of Service
The Sir John A. Macdonald In Memoriam Service on 6 June 1983: the Address, by Keith Martin
Kingston Mechanics’ Institute, 1834-1850, by Margaret Cohoe
Simcoe House, by Stephen D. Mecredy
In the Shadow of Sir John A., by Bogart Trumpour
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Vol. 31   1983
Cover: The Phoebe during a re-enactment about Colonel By
Doctor James Sampson: a Brief Biography, by Margaret Angus
The Rt. Rev. Alexander Macdonnell and the Education of the Catholic Settlers of Upper Canada, by Sean Reid
Anthony Monahan and the Status of Irish Catholics in Upper Canada, by J.K. Johnson
The Gravesite Service In Memoriam of Sir John A. Macdonald on 6 June 1982: Order of Service
6 June 1982 Address: Sir John A. Macdonald of Clan Donald, by Lt. Col. Gordon D. Leggett, ED., K.C.L.J., V.E.
Rowing in Kingston: a Brief Historical Sketch, by George F. Henderson
Decline of Industry in its Corridor Affected the Rideau Canal, by Neil A. Patterson
Arthur Sutherland and his International Players, by Florence F. McHugh
Rideau 150, “A Year of Festivities”, as reported by Neil Patterson and Bill Fitsell
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Vol. 30   1981    OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Sir James Yeo in 1810
Captain Sutherland and His Dream, by J.W. (Bill) Fitsell
The “Other Side” of Samuel Dyde, by Kevin F. Quinn
Early Banking in Upper Canada, by Allan J. Cohoe
Sir John MacDonald, by A.R.M. Lower
Sir James Lucas Yeo, A Hero on The Lakes, by John W. Spurr
Early Medical Co-Education and Women’s Medical College Kingston, Ontario 1880-1894, by A.A. Travill
Fort Henry during the Troubled Days of 1837 to 1839, by George F. Henderson
Kingston as a Military Centre, 1881, by John Grenville
In Memoriam—John Wheelock Spurr, 1912-1981
Honorary Patrons and Officers of the Kingston Historical Society in 1981
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Vol. 29   1981    OUT OF PRINT
Cover: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth en route to Kingston, 21 May 1939
Sir Robert Hall (1778-1818), by John W. Spurr
From Public Waterfront to High Rise Development—The History of Two Properties on Ontario Street, by Jennifer McKendry
Fort Henry: Military Mistake or Defiant Deterrent? By William Patterson
The Construction of Murney Tower: a Diary of 1846
The 1939 Royal Visit to Kingston, by George F. Henderson
The Redan Window in the Chapel at Cataraqui Cemetery (photograph and description)
Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service, 6 June 1980: Order of Service and the Ceremony of the Wreaths
In Memory of Sir John A. Macdonald, by C. E. S. Franks
Sir John A. Macdonald and his Doctors, A.A. Travill
Kingston’s Industrial Hinterland, by Neil A. Patterson
Summerhill in the 19th Century, Its Use and Users, by Margaret Angus
In Memoriam—Louis Joseph Flynn, 1902-1980
Honorary Patrons and Officers of the Kingston Historical Society in 1980
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Vol. 28   1980   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: advertisement for the Kingston & Pembroke Railway, 1894
Why Examine Local History? By Donald Swainson
Brief History of Cataraqui Cemetery, by Paul King
Daniel Fowler of Amherst Island, by Frances K. Smith
Garden Island and the Calvin Company, by Donald Swainson
Triumphs and Tragedies —Early Pleasure Sailing in Kingston, by Margaret Angus
Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service, 6 June 1979: Order of Service and the Ceremony of the Wreaths
Address: Sir John A. Macdonald: Politician of National Unity by Donald Swainson
Joseph Brant: Kingston’s Founding Father? by Kevin Quinn (read by George Henderson)
Early Banking in Kingston—Before Banks, by Allan J. Cohoe
The Trials and Tribulations of the “Kick and Push”: a History of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway, 1871-1912, by Walter Lewis
Breaking the Mould of the Venerable Bede, by Gerald Killan
Programme of the Workshop on Projects and Research in Local History— 27 October 1979
Honorary Patrons and Officers of the Kingston Historical Society in 1979
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Vol. 27   1979  OUT OF PRINT
Cover: View of Rockwood, the Cartwright Estate, in 1854 by Lt Farrell (AEAC)
The Bishop’s House Saved, by E. Valorie Swain, Q.C.
From Pioneer Schoolhouse to K. C. V.1. —1782-1931, by J.H. Ritchie
John Counter, by Margaret Angus
Kingston in 1859: A Theatrical Perspective, by Charles Hayter
The New Grand Opera House, 1902, by Erdmute Waldhauer
Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service, 5 June 1978: the Programme; President Patterson’s Remarks; Invocation by Monsignor J.G. Hanley; Tribute, “Compromise and Accommodation” by Ronald L. Watts
John Solomon Cartwright: Upper Canadian Gentleman and Regency “Man of Taste”, by J. Douglas and Mary Stewart
The Observatory in City Park 1855-1900, by Margaret Cohoe
John A. Macdonald Learns—Articling with George Mackenzie, by William R. Teatero
Edward John Barker, M.D., Editor and Citizen, by John W. Spurr
In Memoriam —Ronald Lawrence Way, 1908-1978
Honorary Patrons and Officers of the Kingston Historical Society in 1978
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Vol. 26   1978
Cover: Portrait of John Counter, 1799-1862
Kingston Mayors, 1838-1850: Sketches of a Local Elite, by Kevin Quinn
A Romance Laid to Rest—Gun Slits or Air Vents? by Jennifer McKendry
Martin’s Opera House, Kingston 1879-1898, by Erdmute Waldhauer
The Kingston Brewery of Thomas Dalton, by Ian R. Dalton
Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service, 6 June 1977: The Programme; President Cohoe’s Remarks; Invocation by Bishop Creegan; Without Partisanship Together—For a Common Good, by George N. Speal; Benediction by Msgr. J.G. Hanley; Remarks by T.L. Brock, June 1, 1977
Sir John A. Macdonald Memoralizations and the Red Rose League, by Margaret Cohoe
William Coverdale, Kingston Architect 1801 ?-1865, by Mary Winnett Fraser
The Royal Navy’s Presence in Kingston, Part II: 1813-1853, by John W. Spurr
Honorary Patrons and the Officers of Kingston Historical Society in 1977
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Vol. 25   1977
Cover: view of Kingston Mills by J.E. Laughlin
Kingston Mills 1783-1830, by D.S.C. MacKay
The Freedom of the City of Kingston for the Royal Military College of Canada, by Mayor George N. Speal
The Response of Brigadier General W. W. Turner, CD., Adec
Vignettes of a Century of Cadeting at R.M.C. Kingston, by Thomas L. Brock
A Spirited Military Opera of 1889, by William Angus
The Loyalist Search for Shelter 1784-1824, by Professor George Richardson
Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service — 6 June 1976
Let Us Be Canadians, by Ernest Valorie Swain, Q.C.
Benjamin Tett and Bedford Mills, by Neil A. Patterson
The Royal Navy’s Presence in Kingston, Part I: 1813-1836, by John W. Spurr
Bishop Joseph-Octave Plessis’s Pastoral Visit to Kingston, 1816, by James S. Pritchard
In Memoriam—John James Deutsch, 1911-1976
Honorary Patrons and Officers of Kingston Historical Society in 1976
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Vol. 24   1976   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: drawing of St George’s Church in 1847 by Harriet Cartwright (Fort Henry coll.)
Sir John A. Macdonald: Truly and Profoundly a Home-loving Canadian, an address given 6 June 1975 by Flora MacDonald, M.P.
Farms and Farm Families in the St. Lawrence Townships, by R. Marvin Mclnnis
Kingston and the Choice of Canada’s Capital, by George F.G. Stanley
St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston: 150th Anniversary of the Laying of its Corner Stone, by Allan J. Anderson
Bishop Edward John Horan, by L.J. Flynn
Molly Brant: an Appreciation, by Ian E. Wilson
The Belleville Connection, by Gerald E. Boyce
A Gentlewoman in Early Kingston, by Margaret Angus
In Memoriam: Rhoda Constance “Connie” Simmons, 1889-1976
“Kingston’s Museum is Itself a Curio” from the Daily British Whig, 1 August 1925
Kingston Historical Society Officers and Honorary Patrons for 1975
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Vol. 23   1975
Cover: Portrait of Sir Robert Barrie, 1774-1841
Commodore Robert Barrie and his Family in Kingston, 1819-1 834, by T.L.Brock
The Town at Bay: Kingston and the Cholera, 1832 and 1834, by John W. Spurr
Sir John A. Macdonald, 1815-1891, A Tribute, by J. Keith Johnson on 6 June 1974
Heirs, Devisees, and Assigns: A footnote to the social history of the Midland District, by H. Pearson Gundy
Roads and Railways: Kingston’s mid-century search for a hinterland, 1846-1854, by Duncan McDowall
Soldiers of Fort Frontenac, 1673-1 758, by Neil Patterson
The failure of the Sulpician Mission to the Kente, 1681, by Wallace Havelock Robb
The Anchorage, by Hans Westenberg
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Vol. 22   1974
Cover: Margaret Angus and Queen Elizabeth, 27 June 1973
A Personal View of Kingston, by S. F. Wise
President Franklin Roosevelt’s Visit to Queen’s University, 18 August 1938, by Frederick W. Gibson
Theatre in Kingston, 1816-1870, by John W. Spurr
A Tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald, by W. R. Lederman
Shannon’s Cannon, by Margaret Cohoe
Robert Sutherland: Queen’s First Black Student, by A. R. Hazelgrove
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Vol. 21   1973
Cover: Portrait of Hugh C. Thomson, 1791-1834
Sir Frederick Haldimand: Founder of Ontario, Founder of Kingston, by Neil Patterson
James O’Reilly and Catholic Politics, by Donald Swainson
Remembering Agnes Maule Machar, by R.W. Cumberland
James Morton of Kingston - Brewer, by M.L. Magill
The Visit of the Prince of Wales to Kingston in 1860, by Anne MacDermaid
The Business Career of Hugh C. Thomson of Kingston, by H. Pearson Gundy
A Brief Guide to Archival Sources Relating to Kingston, by Ian E. Wilson
Kingston: A Selected Bibliography, contributed by Deborah Defoe, Kingston Public Library
Portsmouth Village, by Margaret Angus
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Vol. 20   1972
Cover: portrait of the Reverend Alexander MacDonell, 1826-1840
The Old Stones of Queen’s, 1842-1900, by Margaret Angus
In Retrospect, by Louis J. Flynn
The Kingston Garrison, 1815-1870, by John W. Spurr
Kingston in the Eighteen-Nineties, by Anne MacDermaid
Tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald, by T. S. Webster on 6 June 1970 at the 80th Anniversary Service
In Defence of Old Fort Frontenac and its Founder, by Richard A. Preston
The Honourable William Morris, 1786-1858, by Hilda Neatby
Queen ‘s Yesterday and Today, by Arthur R. M. Lower
Bishop Alexander MacDonell, by George F. G. Stanley
Appendix: Turning Back the Clock, a Letter to Lt.-Col. L. J. Flynn, by Mary I. Campbell
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Vol. 19   1971
Cover: Portrait of Thomas Liddell of Queen’s University
A History of the Kingston Waterfront and Water Lots, by Dorothy Geiger
Thomas Liddell: Queen’s First Principal, by H. Pearson Gundy
George Airey Kirkpatrick: Political Patrician, by Donald Swainson
The Building of the Rideau Canal, by Neil A. Patterson
Nils von Schoultz — The Man they had to hang, by Richard A. Pierce
The Sydenham Street Methodist Congregation up to 1852, by Murray Rielly
A Business College Student’s Letters, 1886-7, contributed by R. A. Preston
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Vol. 18   1970   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: photograph of George Baxter of Cataraqui Grange
Archives, the Future of the Past, by Ian E. Wilson
The Abbé of Abbey Dawn, by George F. G. Stanley
History, Genealogy and the Trumpour Family, by Mark B. D. Trumpour
The Baxters of Cataraqui Grange, by Isobel Baxter
Retaking the 1842 Kingston census, by Mrs. J. H. Grenville
The Night of the Fire, 17 April 1840, by John W. Spurr
Building the Rear Street British Wesleyan Chapel, concerning a letter of 1817, by J. C. Arnell
A Historical Chronology of Kingston, by Rose Mary Gibson
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Vol. 17   1969   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Adam Shortt, 1859-1931, founder of KHS in 1893
75th Anniversary, by H. Pearson Gundy, editor of Historic Kingston2
Adam Shortt, Founder, by Arthur R. M. Lower
The Kingston Gazette, the War of 1812, and “Fortress Kingston”, by John W. Spurr
Evan MacCoIl, Kingston’s Gaelic Poet, by George F. G. Stanley
The Early History of Rockwood Hospital, by John S. Pratten
The Catholic Church in the Kingston Area to 1759, by Reverend S. J. McGivern, S.J.
Alexander Campbell: General Manager of the Conservative Party (Eastern Ontario Section), by Donald Swainson
Mr. Dobbs Comes to Town, 1832, contributed by T. B. Higginson
The Community of Bedford Mills, by Eleanor Tett Robertson
Archives in the Community, by Ian E. Wilson
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Vol. 16   1968   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: aerial photograph of the Kingston City Hall in 1967 “with restored portico and new Centennial Park”
H.M. Dock Yard, Kingston, under Commissioner Robert Barrie, 1819-1834, by T. L. Brock
Canada’s Greatest Scot: Sir John Alexander Macdonald, a Centennial Tribute, by Louis J. Flynn
The Cartwrights of Kingston, by Henry L. Cartwright
Elections in Kingston in 1867, by W. J. Coyle
Canadian Historical Writing: A Centennial Harvest, by R. A. O’Brien
Ernest Lawson and the Grant Family, by Margaret Andrew
The Rush-Bagot Agreement, 1817, by George F. G. Stanley
Appendix A: Some Early Memories of Kingston by Muriel G. Clarke (daughter of Prof. Adam Shortt)
Appendix B: List of New Members in 1967, Kingston Historical Society
Honorary Patrons and Officers of KHS
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Vol. 15   1967   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Portrait of C. Poulett Thomson, Lord Sydenham
John Rutledge, First Schoolmaster of Loughborough Township, by J. R. Rutledge.
Dr. George Lawson, 182 7-1895, a Forgotten Canadian Botanist, by Jacques Rousseau and William G. Dore.
Joel Stone and the Founding of Gananoque, by Roland McMurrich.
Lord Sydenham’s One Hundred and Fifteen Days in Kingston, by Margaret Angus.
Kingston and the War of 1812, by J. MacKay Hitsman.
The Herchmers of Kingston, by Eleanor Herchmer Robertson.
Bibliography on Kingston and District: Selected Publications
Cumulative Index to Historic Kingston, Volumes I – 15 by author and by title
List of Members, Kingston Historical Society, 1966-67
Officers and Executive Council
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Vol. 14   1966   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Autographed photograph of John A. Macdonald by Notman in 1865
Sir John A. Macdonald Sesquicentennial Celebration on 11 January 1965
John Alexander Macdonald, the Father of his Country, by Donald G. Creighton.
The Rise of Christopher Hagerman, by S. F. Wise.
Eldorado to Omega Blue, by Nadine B. Brumell.
Ontario’s First Lady, by H. C. Burleigh.
A Great Lakes Saga of the Great Lakes [about the Gildersleeves], by Anna G. Young.
The Beginning of the Hydrographic Survey and the St. Lawrence River, by Robin Harris.
George Dalrymple Ferguson, by Katherine Ferguson.
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Vol. 13   1965   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Heathfield, the Kingston residence of Sir John A. Macdonald, 1865-78
The Macpherson-Shaw-Macdonald Correction, by George F. G. Stanley
The Battle of Waterloo Chapel, 1834-1842, by Rev. J. William Lamb
The Financial Problems of Rev. John Stuart, by P. Lloyd Northcott
The Mowats of Kingston, by Margaret Angus
The Kingston Rectory Dispute, 1864, by D. M. Schurman
Rev. Robert James McDowall, 1768-1841, by Robert James McDowall
Abbey Dawn’s Donation of Indian Artifacts, by Wallace Havelock Robb
Kingston and Oswego. An address to the Heritage Foundation of Oswego, New York, on the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the British capture of Fort Ontario at Oswego, 6 May 1814, by G. F. G. Stanley
Charles Sangster, 1822-1893: an address at the unveiling of a historic marker, the Cricket Field, Kingston, Ontario, 12 September 1964, by H. P. Gundy
Appendix A: Court Cases re: Methodists Chapels, 1835-1842
Appendix B: re: descendants of John Mowat
Appendix C: Extract of a report of Lt.-Col. J. Mitchell to Major General Jacob Brown and forwarded in a dispatch from Brown to the Secretary of War, 12 May 1814; and Extract of a letter from Lt.-Gen. Sir Gordon Drummond to Sir George Prevost, 7 May 1814
Appendix D: Items of special note in the Abbey Dawn Indian Collection, with Mr. Robb's comments at the time of presentation, 16 December 1964
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Vol. 12   1964   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: photograph of Bellevue House by George Lilley
Operation Garden Island by D. J. Calvin
Michael Grass and the Grass Family of Kingston, by Donald E. Grass
Who was Carl Fechter? by H. P. Gundy
In Retrospect: The Kingston Historical Society since 1906, by Louis J. Flynn
The Anglican Churches of Kingston, by Rev. Canon A. J. Anderson
Defence of a Diarist [extracts from 1843], by W. H. Stevens
Appendices: 1.articles by Carl Fechter, December 1886
2. list of KHS Presidents 1893 – 1962
3. list of Anglican Churches of Kingston, 1785-1959, compiled by Allan J. Anderson
Constitution of the Kingston Historical Society
Act of Incorporation, Kingston Historical Society, 14 November 1962
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Vol. 11   1963   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Charles Sangster, 1822-1893
The First Battle of Sackets Harbor, by Richard A. Preston (An address delivered on “Canada Day” 22 July 1962 at Sackets Harbor, New York, commemorating the War of 1812.)
Reflections upon Education in the Midland District, 1810-1816, by Frederic F. Thompson
Architects and Builders of Early Kingston, by Margaret Angus
Charles Sangster, Canada’s and Kingston’s Poet, by Wallace Havelock Robb
The Early Years of the Kingston Historical Society, 1893-1906, by Louis J. Flynn
A Story In Stone: a Few Interesting Facts about Murney Redoubt (Revised by Dr. R. A. Preston from a pamphlet by W. Stewart Lavell.)

NOTE: Volumes 1 to 10 were reprinted in a single binding in 1974.

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Vol. 10   1962  
Cover: Benjamin Tett of Newboro, 1798-1878
In Memoriam, Lt. Col. H. E. Pense, D.S.O., M.C., 1889-1962
Benjamin Tett of Newboro 1820 - 1843, by D. M. Schurman
John Thomson, Pioneer in Paper-making, father of the Pulpwood Industry in Canada, by Mrs. Norman W. Hutchison
Publishing and Bookselling in Kingston since 1810, by H. P. Gundy
The Intellectual Background of Dr. John Travers Lewis, the first Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario, by the Right Reverend Kenneth C. Evans, Bishop of Ontario
Appendix: Benjamin Tett’s Indenture of Apprenticeship to James O’Hare, Surgeon and Apothecary, Perth, 1 November 1818
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Vol. 9   1960   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Notre Dame Convent, 1896 [Bagot at Johnson Streets]
In Memoriam, Lt. Col. Stuart McDowall Polson, M.D., 1883-1960
The Early History of Notre Dame Convent in Kingston, by Reverend Sister St. Kevin
Petticoats and Coifs in old Kingston, by Leopold Lamontagne
Kingston and the North West Rebellion, 1885, by George F. G. Stanley
Kingston and the Founding of the Canadian Press Association, by J. Alex. Edmison
Kingston Collegiate Institute, written by Samuel Woods in the Queen’s Journal, 24 March 1874
KHS Patrons and Officers for 1959-60
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Vol. 8    1959   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Archdeacon George Okill Stuart
A Voyage from Bristol to Quebec, 1813, by Dr. H. C. Burleigh
Ernest Pascoe Goodwin: a Queen’s Man - Class of ‘88, by Colonel D. F. MacRae
Bishop Strachan and the Archdeaconry of Kingston, 1840-1848, by Dr. D. M. Schurman
Strachan and Stuart Letters at Queen’s, by H. P. Gundy
The Development of Municipal Government in the Bay of Quinte Area, by Maurice H. Young
Daniel Fowler, R.C.A., 1810-1894, by Dr. Charles Comfort (delivered at the unveiling of a memorial plaque on Amherst Island, 11 Oct. 1959)
KHS Patrons and Officers for 1958-59
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Vol. 7    1958   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: view of the first House of Providence 1861
Lieutenant-Colonel Courtlandt M. Strange, 1867-1958
Early Canadian Gunsmiths with Special Reference to the Quinte Area, by Thomas Riedel, Esq.
Recent Archaeological Discoveries at Toniata, by Gerald Stevens, Esq.
History of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul in Kingston, by Reverend Sister Mary Electa
A Kingston Surgeon in the American Civil War, by H. P. Gundy, Esq.
The Indian Site at Consecon, by Reverend B. P. Squire
The Sir George Kirkpatrick Memorial Fountain, H. P. Gundy, Esq.
List of Historic Plaques in Kingston and Vicinity
KHS Patrons and Officers, 1957-58
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Vol. 6   1957   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: photograph of the Strange House, 1824-6
Some Reflections on Kingston’s Architecture, by Professor A. R. M. Lower
William Johnston: Pirate or Patriot, by Professor G. F. G. Stanley
The Diary of J. B. Marks, by B. C. Beer, Esq. (Substituted for the paper on Old Buildings in Ontario, by V. B. Blake, Esq.)
A Chapter of Early Methodism in the Kingston Area, by Professor F. F. Thompson
Excerpts from the Minute Book of the Kingston Historical Society in 189
The American Attack on Kingston, 10th Nov. 1812 (from the Kingston Gazette, 17 Nov. 1812)
KHS Patrons and Officers for 1956-57
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Vol. 5   1956   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Early painting of the first St George’s Church
The Macaulay Family of Kingston, by Mrs. William Angus.
The Civil Service when Kingston was the Capital of Canada, by Professor J. E. Hodgetts.
Early Schools in Kingston, by F. P. Smith, Esq.
A Clash in St. Paul’s Churchyard, by Professor R. A. Preston.
Kingston Mechanics’ Institute, 1834
The Kingston Historical Society, 1893
John Balmer in Kingston, 1853-7
KHS Patrons and Officers for 1955-56
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Vol. 4   1955  
Cover: modern photograph of a Fort Henry soldier
Some Old Kingston Homes and the Families Who Lived in Them, by Margaret Angus.
Growing Pains: The Early History of the Queen’s Medical Faculty, by H. P. Gundy
Historical Restorations, by R. Way
Kingston’s Newspapers, by Fred Pense
Reminiscences of Printing in Canada, by H. P. Gundy
A Sketching History of St. Paul’s Church, by Lt. Col. Charles E. Long (Reprinted from a pamphlet published in 1937. Revised and corrected by Margaret Angus and Richard A. Preston.)
A list of Historical Markers erected by the Kingston Historical Society since 1951
KHS Officers for 1954-55
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Vol. 3  1954   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: photograph of the Burnham Sugar Bowl, made in the Mallorytown Glass House
The History of the Port of Kingston, by Dr. R. A. Preston, R.M.C.
The History of Kingston Penitentiary, by Mr. J. A. Edmison, Queen’s
The Story of St. Mark’s, by The Reverend Allan J. Anderson, Barriefield.
The Battle of the Windmill, by Dr. G. F. G. Stanley, R.M.C.
Early Canadian Glass, by Mr. G. F. Stevens, Mallorytown
KHS Officers for 1953-54
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Vol. 2    1953   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: Portrait of Count Frontenac
In Memoriam: Edwin E. Horsey
John C. Clark’s Diary, by Dr. H. C. Burleigh, Bath
Fort Frontenac, by Col. W. G. Hagarty, D.S.O., R.C.A. (retired), London.
Recent Excavations at Fort Frontenac, by Brigadier G. Kitching, C.B.E., D.S.O., C.D., Commandant of Fort Frontenac.
Kingston’s French Heritage, by Major Leopold Lamontagne, College Militaire Royal, St. Jean, P.Q.
Indian Lore of The Bay of Quinte, by Wallace Havelock Robb, Abbey Dawn.
Collins Bay, by Mrs. Gordon Sinclair, Collins Bay
KHS Officers for 1952-53
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Vol. 1    1952   OUT OF PRINT
Cover: H.M.S. St. Lawrence, painted by C. J. Snider
KHS Patrons and Officers
The Fate of Kingston’s Warships, by R. A. Preston, R.M.C.
Kingston as Early Tourists Saw It, by G. F. G. Stanley, R.M.C.
Kingston and the British Army, by Ronald L. Way, Fort Henry