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Membership includes a copy of the Kingston Historical Society's annual journal-- Historic Kingston, and issues of the Limelight newsletter.  Your membership card can get you discounted rates to special events and provides free entrance to the Murney Tower.  The membership year runs from January to December.

Occasionally, the Society may publish Members' names in Historic Kingston and/or the Limelight newsletter.  If you wish to have your name excluded, please let the Membership Secretary know when you submit your application.   There are three options for payment: Please note that you cannot pay a membership with PayPal at present. Please DONATE the appropriate amount (see button below) and when you are on the PayPal page you will find a box where you can explain that this 'donation' is a membership. Please include your name and email address. Thank you for your understanding as we sort ut a technical problem.

PayPal is a secure method of payment.  Please review their security statement.

1. Pay Online:
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Full-time student in High School, College or University

2. Print a pdf application:
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Please complete your application form and bring it and your payment to the next KHS meeting ; alternatively, you may submit both via Canada Post with your cheque made payable to the "Kingston Historical Society" and mailed to:      
           Kingston Historical Society
           P.O. Box 54
           Kingston, Ontario
           K7L 4V6

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to submit address changes, etc.
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The work of the Kingston Historical Society is made possible by our Volunteers, our Donors, and our Sponsors.  We are grateful for each and every one of these contributors. 
Donations can be made through PayPal on the "Donate" button or by mail.